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You need professional garage door replacement when:

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A traditional style wooden garage door installation near Kalispell, MT.

  • Someone smashed into your door
  • The tracks are dented or misaligned
  • The sun has destroyed the look and function of your door
  • The components are wearing out, rusted or otherwise broken
  • You are remodeling and need a new look

You Need Flathead Valley Door Systems Garage Door Repair & Replacement Professionals

Get your garage door replaced by the professionals that the professionals choose and make your life a lot easier because you chose us, too!
Whether someone ran into your garage door with their car or you just want a new look on your home or something else stopped working, when it comes time to replace your entire garage door, you need someone who can do this properly.
You need someone who is:

  • Trustworthy The company says what it is going to do and follows through on it.
  • Professional We’ve been trained and continuously train on best practices and products to use for garage door repair, including whole replacements.
  • Local We work with you better than any large corporation ever could.
  • Experienced We’ve been doing this for years all over Kalispell and the surrounds and we’ve experienced “”it all.””

We make it fast and easy to get a new garage door replacement.

new steel garage door on nice home in montana

New traditional steel garage doors look—and work—amazing!

Open & Close Your Garage Door With Ease

Soon you’ll be able to open and close your door with no problem. That makes getting to work, school, shopping and more easier and faster than before. We can also automate the system, if you want.

We are the garage door experts

We’ve been around a long time making sure that your garage door will be expertly installed and maintained. Plus, we’ve teamed up with the premier garage door manufacturer to give you the best possible solutions to your garage door requirements.

new garage doors installed on home

Newly installed garage doors on a home near Kalispell.

garage doors repaired near kalispell mt

Noew garage doors look amazing and protect your home in many ways.

Don’t Risk Your Family And Property

  • Fixed Doors Protect Against Crime. If a thief or burgurlar can’t easily get in, your home is more protected. A working garage door is key to this.
  • Professional Garage Door Replacement Saves Money & Time. This is one area of home repair and remodeling you want done by a pro and not DIY.
  • Replaced Doors Look Beautiful. Be the envy of the neighborhood, increase your curb appeal and enjoy your home more at the end of a day with a newly replaced garage door from Flathead Valley Door Systems

See What Others Are Saying About Flathead Valley Door Systems

The proof is in the pudding they say. Well, our “pudding” are the fantastic reviews by our lovely customers!

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    What's wrong with your garage door?

    Repaired doors keep you safe from injuries.

    Nothing ruins a day like having a garage door slam down on you. They are heavy and can slide really quickly. Each year, in the US, there are some 20,000 injuries from garage door mishaps. Most are minor, a cut finger or something pinched, but not critically. However, some are really tragic injuries.

    Garage doors are heavy, their springs are wound at extremely high tensions, the tracks need to be perfectly aligned and more. Professional garage door repair techs and installation crews are trained and experienced to do this for you quickly and safely.

    old white garage doors on house before replacement

    Before we replaced these garage doors, they looked tired and boring. Just white, plain doors.

    new courtyard style replaced garage doors on home

    We replaced theme with these Courtyard-style doors from Overhead and they look amazing! We matched the colors with a two-tone paint pallette and the owners love them.

    Call Now So We Can Get You On Our Calendar

    There are a lot of garage door replacements, installs and repairs that need to be done in Kalispell and the surrounding areas, so be quick and lets get your door on the list now. We can usually make it out within the same week, unless you need specially designed doors. Even then, we can make sure you are good to go ASAP.

    Flathead Valley Door Systems Is The Professional You Need

    We have the experience.
    We have the training.
    We have the tools.
    We have the right price.
    We are licensed and insured.

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      What's wrong with your garage door?

      Let The Experienced Professionals in Kalispell Replace Your Garage Door For You

      At the end of the day, it really is wisest to have garage door repairs and replacements done by those with proper training and experience. Flathead Valley Door Systems has been servicing garage doors for over 7 years and we’ve built a great reputation here in Kalispell. We provide the highest quality garage door solutions and fantastic customer service. In addition to sales and installation of garage doors and garage door openers, we also offer expert preventive maintenance and repair services. You can get started today by filling out this form.

      new carriage style garage doors on house in kalispell

      These garage doors with the windows down the side are becoming more popular. They look modern, but look fantastic on a more traditional looking house.


      A lot of people ask us questions. Here are a few. If you want to know anything else, this is our FAQ page and you can always call us for anything.

      When should I replace my garage door?
      There are four primary times that folks look into replacing rather than repairing their garage door.

      1. When safety is compromised. Whether is is malfunctioning or there it has been broken into, a replacement s often the best choice.
      2. When repairs are too costly. If you are calling a repair person quite often, think about replacing the door with a new one. It potentially could save you money.
      3. When it stops working or has major problems. When the opener stops working completely, the tracks are shot or other things might be reason to replace the door. Call us and we’ll look to see if a repair is a better option.
      4. Selling a home. Some folks recognize the value of the curb appeal of a brand new door. Too costly? how about a new paint job and maintenance to make sure the garage door is in top condition?
      How do I keep my garage door quiet?
      There are typically four areas that a garage door makes a lot of noise: The rollers, the opener, the connections and the balance of the door.
      For the rollers, some grease on the bearing will cut down the noise and replacing metal rollers with vinyl will cut down on the overall noise, too.
      Getting a screw drive opener will cut down the noise, but they are expensive. A belt drive is a quiet option, too, but a little less durable than chain drive opening systems. Tightening all the connections to spec is the way to keep them from creating noise. We can doo that all for you in a jiffy.
      If your door is out of balance, please do not try to repair it yourself. We can fix it properly so you can enjoy your door for it’s full lifetime.
      What are the standard sizes of garage doors?
      There is some variability to garage door sizes for that new space you are thinking of. First is thickness.
      The thickness varies depending on the level of insulation you have in your door. No insulation means your door could be as thin as 1/8″” while a good insulated door is between 1″ and 1-1/2″ thick.
      Single door widths are usually 7′ to 8′ tall and 8′-9′ wide.
      Double garage doors are usually the same height (FYI, we can make any door taller for RVs and other requirements—up to 10′) but are 16′ wide. Commercial door systems are more variable.
      I want to paint my garage door. Is there a specific paint I should use?
      This really depends on the material of your door, it’s age and the aesthetic you want. However, as a rule of thumb, choose a high-quality exterior paint that is low VOC (volatile organic compounds). This means there are less fumes and dangerous chemicals in the paint. Latex is probably the most popular because it has less odors, is easy to apply and easy to dispose of the remainder. However, if you have a metal door, you should use an oil-based paint.
      Call us up, we can recommend a few options for you!

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        What's wrong with your garage door?