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Is Your Garage Door Spring Busted?

broken garage door spring

This busted spring caused a major scare for the homeowner. Their garage door was halfway up then BANG! it came crashing down.

  • The door doesn’t open or close.
  • The spring is visibly damaged.
  • The door system is old and the spring wore out.
  • You should not repair a spring yourself. It is wound tightly and with hundreds of pounds of force.

We Are The Garage Door Spring Experts!

We’ve been replacing, rewinding (rarely, usually a replacement is best) and otherwise fixing garage door springs in Kalispell MT for years. After doing this hundreds of times, we have the experience and technical know how to get the springs working right, again.
By using Flathead Valley Door Systems, you will benefit from our knowledge in several ways. Plus you’ll get the peace of mind knowing the spring was properly fixed.

We Repair/Replace Garage Door Springs Fast & Easy

new steel garage door on nice home in montana

Barton at a baseball game in between fixing garage door springs!

It’s easy. Call Barton, he’ll come out to your home

Barton has been repairing garage door systems for years and has the understanding of what needs to be done for you. He’ll be your point of contact from beginning to end.

We are experts at garage door spring repair.

With our experience and the continuing education and training we do, FVDS are the company to choose for expert garage door repair analysis and execution. We’ll get ‘er done!

new garage doors installed on home

A repaired garage door torsion spring.

garage doors repaired near kalispell mt

Another repaired spring. Torsion springs usually have a longer life.

Why Use A Pro For Spring Repair?

  • Get a warranty on parts and labor. You replace or repair a spring yourself and you are on your own.
  • Safety. If you’ve never experienced a spring unwinding itself at full force… well, let’s hope you never do.
  • We have the right tools and parts. Regardless of whether you are upgrading or just fixing the spring you have, we have the things necessary to do the job properly and safely.
  • Problem diagnosis. Sometimes it’s not the spring but another component that failed (or will, soon). We have the know how to catch most problems before they are a problem.
  • Upgraded hardware. We use Overhead Door Systems and are the exclusive supplier of these parts here in the Kalispell area.
  • Other Hardware Replacement. We don’t just know springs, we also replace, repair and maintain all parts of your garage door system.

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    What's wrong with your garage door?

    When Do You Need To Replace Rather Than Repair?

    Garage door components wear out over time, just like any other hardware on your home. Because of that, regular inspection and maintenance are critical to keeping your garage door functioning properly. Our garage door maintenance services are ideal for keeping your garage door, garage door opener and garage door springs all in good working order. We will also inspect the tracks, pulleys, wheels, chain and other components to ensure integrity. We can also teach you what to look for, but in the meantime, if you have a noisy system, visibly unsecured railings or other parts or a busted spring, give us a call so we can get your garage door in good working order again.

    broken garage door spring

    A torsion spring can last for a good 10,000 cycles, but eventually all springs wear out. This one broke and the garage door cam crashing down.

    repaired torsion spring for garage door

    This is a repaired torsion spring. Actually, it is replaced. Rarely can you reuse or retension a spring.

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      What's wrong with your garage door?